Baby Krshna’s dahi (yogurt)

In Ayurveda, freshly made yogurt is a very satvic (intelligent) food. Unlike old yogurt, it is not fattening and very easy to digest. It alkalises and hydrates the digestive system, has diuretic properties, and it is full of calcium and probiotic healthy bacteria.

Yogurt is also cooling so it is best to avoided after sunset, and should only be mixed with fruits for cosmetic external use.

Ingredients: milk (from one cup to one quart) and one tablespoon of the freshest organic yogurt available to be used as a starter

How to make the yogurt: bring the milk to boil and then let it simmer for a few minutes. Turn off the fire and let the milk cool down to about 115 degrees ( a bit above body temperature) At that point, add the starter yogurt and let it incubate for about 8 hours. Most ovens have always the pilot light on so just by leaving the mixture there you will have fresh yogurt in a few hours. You can also use a heating pad, a yogurt maker… it is important to not disturb the yogurt as it sets

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