Love your Flower


Ayurveda shows us how to enjoy physical and emotional balance, and how to adapt to the changes that slowly take place in our bodies as we age.


vaginal dryness

From nutrition to yoga, this is a very practical system that gives us women useful advice on how to maintain hormonal balance and take good care of our bodies at all stages of our lives. Especially as we journey towards menopause, Ayurveda is there to support us with its millenary wisdom. These are some easy routines to incorporate for the daily care of the vulva and vagina, our most delicate flower.


Sesame oil: our best allied against dryness, it cannot be missing in our diet. We find it at the organic market, just make sure it is not from roasted seeds. And not only for eating… in Ayurveda sesame oil is used locally to moisturize and tone the vaginal tissue, by inserting a small amount (0.15 oz) of organic oil inside the vagina with a very small syringe, and then softly introducing a finger to perform a delicate massage until the oil has been well absorbed. This is very effective and without any side effects, a very natural and inexpensive way to keep the area toned, and a safe alternative to the commercial creams and lotions that usually contain hormones and chemicals. In India, this technique is called Yoni Abhyanga and it is prescribed to women after childbirth, and if there is a prolapse and dryness to regain tone and elasticity.


Lavender essential oil: anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, 2-3 drops diluted in water are enough for the daily hygiene. We can also blend them with fresh organic yogurt and use as an intimate cleanser.


Probiotics: a must in our diet, from freshly made organic yogurt or other fermented products such as miso paste or sauerkraut. We can also find them at the organic market as a dietary supplement, in the form of capsules that we can also insert into the vagina when we suspect of a small infection or candidiasis.


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