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Ayurveda, the knowledge of life (Ayus-life) and (Veda-knowing) is the oldest known healing system originated in the Indus valley over 5,000 years ago.

According to it, all that exists is made from five elements: space, air, fire, water and earth. Everything and each one of us was created with a unique combination of these elements which determines the unique and personal constitution.

There are three body types or constitutions (dosha) depending on the predominance of the elements:

VATA: space and air

PITTA: fire and water

KAPHA: water and earth

Because we are made of all five elements, the most common is to have a dosha combination: Pitta/Vatta, Vatta/Kapha… and sometimes we find a person with an almost equal proportion of the elements and we call them tridosha.

In general, Vata individuals are unpredictable, changeable, move quickly, have an irregular digestion, dry skin, and are involved in a thousand projects at the same time. Such is the influence of the space and wind elements.

Pitta are intense like the fire. They are born leaders and like things well done. They are passionate and at times a bit aggressive. Pittas have a good metabolism but at times they can suffer from indigestion and acid reflux, and their skin is delicate and sensitive.

Kapha people are strong and stable like the earth element. Relaxed, sweet, with a tendency to put on weight and retain liquids. Their eyes are large and beautiful, their hair is strong and shiny, and the skin tends to be a bit oily. Kaphas are gifted with a strong immune system.  

Besides the physical constitution, we have a mind constitution. This is determined by the three great attributes present in the creative energy of the Universe:

SATTVAS, the principle of intelligence, light, truth and purity.

RAJAS, movement, change and action.

TAMAS translated as inertia, heaviness, confusion and darkness.

Therefore, besides having a Vata/Pitta/Kapha constitution we also have mental tendencies that are sattvic, rajasic o tamasic.  

Since life is change, our prakruti and mental status can vary with the seasons, thoughts, diet, lifestyle… and to regain balance we must remember the basic principle of Ayurveda: Samanya-Vishesha (same increase same, opposites decrease each other)

I hope you enjoyed this basic introduction to the beautiful and profound Ayurveda wellbeing system.

lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu                                                                                                                             

may all being be happy Namaste

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