The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit “Yuj”, to unite.

With the practice of asana (body postures) Yoga integrates body-mind-consciousness to unite the individual with the divine.

Yoga is a spiritual quest, and its practice helps us live happy, meaningful, balanced lives.


Prana is the Sanskrit word for “life force”

Pranayama is the practice of mastering the life force.

In the yogic tradition, Prana is seen as the energy that pervades the Universe and flows through all things including us.
The practices of Pranayama are designed to increase the flow of prana in our bodies and minds in order to facilitate healing and expand consciousness.
In Prana Yoga we integrate movement, breath, sound, concentration and meditation.
We will use specific breathing techniques and mantras for each asana and chakra to enhance the experience of Prana flow in our body and experience our own healing potential.