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According to Ayurveda, we are all born with our personal combination of the five Panchabuthas  (elements) which determines our Prakruti or constitution. As long as we remain balanced we enjoy perfect health.

Weather, stress, diet and lifestyle can disrupt your Prakruti and disease may start to manifest. To restore our balance, Ayurveda will use proper diet, asana (exercise), pranayama (breathing) and meditation.

In an Ayurvedic consultation you will find out which is your dosha’s imbalance, guidelines for detoxification, your personalized diet, yogasanas, pranayama, aromatherapy blend and meditation technique to bring you back to your natural state of health and well-being.



Ayurveda sees our skin as the body´s largest organ of absorption.

For this massage we use medicated oils to stimulate the marma points (energetic centers) of our bodies and to balance the flow of energy. The purpose is to enhance the process of detoxification of our organs and glandular system in a deeply relaxing way.


SIRODHARA (40 min)

Traditionally follows the Abhyanga massage.

This Ayurvedic treatment consists of pouring a steady stream of medicated oil/decoction over the third eye (ajna chakra) continuously for about 40 minutes.

This is a deeply relaxing therapy specially indicated to alleviate stress, anxiety, headaches and insomnia, while providing with a feeling of wellbeing.



This is a technique based on the acupressure principles for feet, face and head.

It is very helpful in eliminating tensions and stimulating the proper functioning of our organs.

The facial massage is performed using organic oils and essential oils custom blended for each treatment.


KATI BASTI (40 min)

Kati Basti is a medicinal oil treatment for relieving tensions and pain of the lower back. The patient lays down on their stomach and a ring is fixed on their back with paste made of a special mix of flour and water. The therapist then pours very warm oil inside the circle. This medicated oil relieves tension and penetrates deep into Asthi dhatu (bone tissue)


NASYA (45 min)

Following a face massage and swedana (steam), 8-10 drops of medicated oil are administered into each nostril. This treatment provides great relief for sinusitis, allergies, neck pain, sneezing, congestion, loss of smell and dark circles under the eyes.



This is a healing therapy for ear problems such as tinnitus, earache, earwax, neck and jaw pain, dryness and vertigo.

Bathing the ears in warm oil is calming and nurturing to the nervous system.

Prior to this treatment in which medicated oils are poured into the ear channel, the patient receives a head and neck massage


PRANA YOGA (75 min class)

In Prana Yoga we integrate movement, breath, sound, concentration and meditation.

We will use specific techniques and mantras for each asana and chakra to enhance the flow of Prana (life force) in our body and experience our own healing potential.

This class is suited to students of all levels.